Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone Palate Challenge

Hello all!~

Sorry it took me a bit longer than I initially wanted to get this post up here, but here it is!

I nominated myself to do what I am calling "The Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone Palate Challenge". I have not seen a lot of looks created with this Drug store palate in my many months of YouTube and Pinterest Makeup perusing, and I thought that this would be a fun and easy way to incorporate this palate into my eye shadow usage regimen.
I created 5 different looks with the 8 earthy-toned, shimmery shades, all a bit different from the next.
The 5th look I did was my "Friday-night" inspired look, so this one is a bit more dramatic as you will see.

Too Faced - Shadow Insurance
For all of the looks, I used my tried and true Too Faced Shadow Insurance as my eye shadow primer. I literally live by this stuff. I use it every single day, whether I am wearing eye makeup or not, and I see amazing results every day. My eye shadow lasts ALL day, no matter how much I have on, and it brings out the best pigmentation in each shadow I use.
I have been using this guy for over a year and he is probably still half full. I use about half-of-a-pea-sized amount for both of my eyes and it just does wonders every single time. I LOVE IT.

I did all of my blending with a MAC - 217 brush and my lid shading with a Rite Aid - Domed Shader brush. (unfortunately, this brush has no official name) In all of my looks I used the Rimmel Scandalize Brown Kohl Eye Liner to smoke out my lower lash line. 

Here are swatches of all 8 colors on the back side of my arm. (photos taken WITH primer and WITH OUT flash)
I have also numbed each color as I reference them in each of the 5 looks.

Look 1: Wednesday

Casual - Smokey

Shadow #3 in the crease,
Shadow #8 in outer half of crease and outer V
Shadow #2 all over lid (applied color twice to get pigmentation I was looking for)
Shadow #8 again to deepen outer V
Shadow #1 to highlight brow bone and inner tear duct

Look #2: Thursday

Flirty and Bright

This was my favorite look so here is a full on selfie :)

#6 in crease (light handed to keep the color controlled) (this is my FAVORITE shadow in the palate - I LOVE it!)
#8 in second half of crease and outer V
#5 all over lid (applied color twice to get pigmentation I was looking for)
#8 again to deepen outer V
#1 to highlight brow bone and inner tear duct

Look #3: Friday

Simple and Classic 

#3 all over crease
#5 all over lid
#1 to highlight brow bone and inner tear duct

Look #4: Saturday (morning)

Weekend Glamour

#6 all over crease (concentrating most in the outer crease)
#3 in outer crease over #6 to create a gradient from green to brown
#2 all over lid (second application with finger over top- I use my finger to make the color appear more pigmented. I don't know why, but it always works for me!)
#4 in outer V

Look #5: Saturday (night)

Sultry and Fun

#8 all over crease (this is my 2nd favorite shadow in the palate)
#5 all over lid
#7 in outer V
#5 blended under my lower lash line
#1 to highlight brow bone and inner tear duct
(I added a tiny winged liner using the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner. I also lined my upper and lower waterline with a black kohl liner to make it look a bit more dramatic.)

Well, guys, that's it! I am so glad I stuck with this and found so many different ways to use this palate. I enjoyed some looks more than others, and I, unfortunatley, did not have the best lighting or camera to work with for the photos, but I hope this post gets the point across that these Wet 'n' Wild palates are NO JOKE! They are absolutely worth the $5.00, and when combined differently, the shades can create very different and unique looks.

Hope you enjoyed!! Thanks for reading :)

xo Dana

To order Wet 'n' Wild - Comfort Zone :

To order Too Faced - Shadow Insurance : 

To order Rimmel - Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Eye Liner : 


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