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Fantasy Football - from the Perspective of a Supportive Girlfriend..

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The days are getting shorter, the air is getting chillier, and football season is underway. It is Fall my friends, whether we have totally accepted it or not. I, myself, love the fall- the sweaters and boots, scarves and hats, football and, well, football.

I only really started watching and following football when I began dating Greg back in 2010, but I have always known which teams I liked and didn't. I had always been a "Giants fan" ever since I can remember. My dad liked the team, so I liked the team.
I bought my first Eli Manning jersey right before I started my freshman year of college. I loved the way I felt in the jersey. It was comfortable and I felt like I belonged in the group of people that cares about "their" football team.

Since then, I have become a much "better" Giants and football fan. I watch at least 1 full game every Sunday with Greg (not including the Giants' game. I ALWAYS watch the Giants' game), and then bits and pieces of other games that I get caught up in while he is watching. I actually know who a bunch of the Giants' players are, and am able to recognize their faces and player numbers. I know and understand a lot of the football language and can actually participate in the occasional football conversation. Overall, I  have been quite satisfied with my involvement in the sport of football. (I think Greg appreciates it as well.)
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Last year, when Greg and his buddies were planning their Fantasy Football league, and drafting their teams, I couldn't help but be interested in the entire process. What team is that one on? Whats his position? Why are you choosing to play him instead of him? Why would it matter what team they are playing? Those are just some of the questions that would cross my mind each Sunday that Greg was glued to the TV and to his Fantasy iPhone App.

In the second week of the official football season, I downloaded a free Fantasy Football app on my phone where I was able to participate in an entire live draft. I remember it being after 11PM one night when I finally opened up the app and explored my options. It took about an hour to go through the entire draft process, but at the end of it, I was incredibly satisfied with my team picks.
Needless to say, that team did not do well in the season and I finished with a losing record of 6 - 7. Despite my losing record, the fun I had through out the entire football and fantasy season was entirely worth it.

There really is a lot of fun to be had in being a part of Fantasy Football. You get to pick a (hopefully) clever team name, you get to chose from any players you want to, and you get to be actively involved in the football games each and every week during the season. I can understand where none of that would be appealing to some people, however I genuinely enjoy the process and it allows for me to share in my boyfriend's love (and obsession honestly) with Fantasy football and football in general.

This year, I handled my Fantasy Football much differently than last year. I drafted two teams this time around, and I chose some pretty clever team names if I do say so myself . I recruited my boyfriend, Greg and one of my other guy-friends, Frank, to help me in my picks, and I am really staying active on my team throughout each week. So far, both of my teams are doing significantly better than my team was doing last year and I am pretty darn proud of it. I'll keep you guys posted on how the season turns out for my beloved Fantasy teams :)

Screenshot of the ESPN Fantasy Football App - My Teams
One of the most exciting parts of free Fantasy Football, in my opinion, is choosing a team name. I thought long and hard about what I wanted my team names to be, and each has a special and creative meaning to me. My first team is Eat Phresh. (you can deduce the meaning behind that name) My second team is the Bangerang Ballers - this team name is in honor of the late, and great, Robin Williams. In the movie Hook (1991), Robin Williams plays Peter Pan. Throughout the film, he and the "Lost Boys" use the phrase "BANGERANG". I look at the word as a term of happiness and confidence- something I think anyone would appreciate in a Fantasy team name. (The "Ballers" part of the name is just a corny addition that I got a kick out of.- not to be confused with "ballas", as I do not roll that way.)

FX's The League - Image found via xfinity.comcast.net
If you are still unsure about the thought of participating in Fantasy Football, you may want to check out "The League" on FX. Despite what I may make Greg think, I find the show HILARIOUS, and it is entirely based upon a group of friends and their Fantasy Football League. (It does help if you knew some of the actual NFL player names, as they are referenced often, but it is not necessary to enjoy the comedy of the show) (It would also help if you enjoy raunchy, inappropriate humor, as there is A LOT of that in the show. It's-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia-Raunchy humor. If you are not into that, beware.)

Love you guys! Thanks for reading :)
xo Curly Hair and High Heels  (aka Dane)

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