Friday, October 31, 2014

Look of the Day // Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween my dears!!
a teeney pumpkin!

Well it is officially Halloween-and may I say, having it on a Friday is the coolest thing ever!! (We don't have any exciting plans tonight, BUT the thought that we have the option to stay out and party late into the night on actual Halloween night is SUPER cool!)

Since we can't dress up in a costume for work, I knew I wanted my look to AT LEAST be Halloween-themed themed!

I wanted to share with you the look I created for today!

Here it is : 

Products Used:


In the crease: 
Naturally Pretty Palate shadows: Soft Light, Mocha, Sunset, and Noir // It Cosmetics
On the lid: 
Eye shadow Pigment: Vegas Lights // Makeup Geek
On the brow bone: 
Single eye shadow: Nylon // MAC
On lower lash line and water line: 
Soft Kohl eye pencil: Jet Black // Rimmell London
Mascara: Perversion // Urban Decay

Blush: Terra Cotta // NYX
Blush: Luminoso // Milani 

Lip liner pencil: Expresso // NYX
Fergie Lipstick: Ferguson Crest Cabernet // Wet n' Wild

Wore a fun, orange scarf from Mandee over a black 3/4 sleeved flowy top
(and yes I take a lot of my selfies at work when I'm not terribly busy) 

Hope you guys liked this one :) And I PROMISE I will have my MAC lipstick collection up by Sunday. Sorry, I lied in my last post about having it up by today... :(
(There are a lot of photos to take!)

I also will try to take a couple photos of whatever we decide to dress Maxxie in for tonight.
(He HATES having anything on him but his fur and we will see how it goes)

Whatever your plans are tonight and this weekend, be safe and have fun!!!

xo Dane


**Side Note:
How flipping cute is this photo Greg managed to catch of Mr. Max guarding the yard?!
He is SO super cuteeeee!! and kudos to Greg for this amazing picture!


  1. I love this orange eye shadow! I really like how you done your eye makeup. I wish I was that neat haha, I'm all over the place. Your eyebrows are amazing, and your dog is sooo cute!


    1. Thank you DiscoverMe!! I actually use the tape-trick when I am trying to get that crisp, neat line. It is one of my favorite makeup tricks. And thank you for all of your wonderful compliments!!

      ~Dana :)

  2. I still don't think I'd do a great job even with the tape lol I'm so bad for that kinda thing. I'd put one Tape higher than the other or something haha


  3. Hello Lovely! I love your blog. :) I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. I apologize if you've already done it and I missed the post. Check out my blog for the info! xo