Monday, November 24, 2014

Born on Christmas Day...

Hey ya'll!
So I know it has been FAR TOO LONG since I have last posted...
I am sorry. I have been pretty busy with applying to grad school and all of the essays, emails, and calls that are associated with that process.. the whole process pretty much burned me out the past couple of weeks. Still have the interview part to do in December, and then I shall just wait to hear what the next steps will be..

Anywhooos, since it is OFFICIALLY holiday time (YAY!), Thanksgiving and Christmas have been on my mind a ton lately. I am not sure how many of you know but I was born on Christmas Day way back about 24 years ago. I was about a week early (I was supposed to be born January 3rd but I guess I just really wanted to officially join my family for Christmas!)

When I was younger, my birthday on Christmas was like the best thing ever. All my friends would ask, "So do you get gipped on your birthday, then since its Christmas too?" and my answer would always be.."No way! My family gets me birthday presents and then Christmas presents separately!" I was never really bragging about that fact, because it just meant that my family made it a point to celebrate the days separately but on the same day... (confusing I know)
We have my birthday cake, every year, after Christmas brunch at Grandpa's house, and my family gives me my "Christmas presents" first with everyone else's, then they give me my birthday presents after the Christmas ones are all done. I have always thought my mom and the rest of my family have done a great job in making me feel special despite the fact that Christmas is a day that everyone should feel special.
I thought this was SUPER funny - I had to share!

When I was younger, I LOVED Christmas and all that came with it (I still do), but I had a clear view in my head that it was my birthday first and then I let it sink in that it was Christmas as well. I was always in the Christmas spirit for all of December, and I knew what Christmas was truly about, but the 25th was Dana's birthday to me.. (I honestly think most young children feel that way about their birthday..) Now that I am older, things are a bit different though..I much more consider Christmas Day as Christmas and not as my birthday.

Last year was the first year I felt like a chicken with my head cut off on Christmas day.. I enjoyed every moment of the day, however I felt a bit rushed and apprehensive that I wanted to be here at this time, and then there at that time. This was the first year I was out of my mom's house and the first year that Greg's parents didn't have Christmas dinner at their house...

Christmas/birthday morning I woke up around 8:30ish, got ready and headed over to mama's for Christmas morning present swapping just the 2 of us. Then we headed over to Grandpa's for 11:30 Christmas brunch and Greg met us there. From there, I went back to mom's and said goodbye to her for the rest of the day..then we headed up to Greg's mom and dad's house to exchange with them, and from there we went to his Aunt and Uncle's house to have Christmas dinner and exchange presents. Then, at around 9PM, Greg and I came straight back to my apartment to exchange presents and hang out with Sylver and Nick.
I wasn't home "relaxing" until almost 10:30, but it was Christmas and it was VERY important to me to see my mom, Greg, my family, Greg's family, and friends all on this day. If I didn't see any of those 5 people/groups of people on Christmas/birthday, I would be super sad. It is kind of a double-edged, but totally happy, sword. (Luckily, I have a wonderful boyfriend who always finds ways to celebrate my birthday in the days after Christmas, and it is there where I truly do feel that this is the time to celebrate my birthday.)

Last year I was able to fit all of my "must-have" Christmas visits was just a very LONG day with TONS of driving. This year, I will try to give myself a bit of a break and make sure I am doing what I want while also doing my happy Christmas visits. Once we officially move in together, I am sure Greg and I will figure out ways to split up the family time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day bit better than we did last year, while also leaving some time on Christmas to see my friends for my birthday. As relationships continue to grow and blossom, their family becomes your family even before you get married, and you genuinely do want to see both sides on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but sometimes it can be a bit too much. Finding ways to compromise with time is a great way to make that transition easier.
I don't think I will ever have a "relaxing" birthday and I am totally OK with it, because I was blessed with having my birthday on the same day that almost everyone is truly super happy and celebrating what true Joy really is. Christmas is, and will always be, my favorite holiday of the year and it isn't because of the presents or because it is my birthday.. It's because it is the one day that I can see everyone that means the world to me be happy and together.. The Birthday hugs that I get are a SUPER AWESOME plus as well. ;)

xo Dana 

***Maxxie Side Note
I swear he is the most photogenic pup

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Liebster Award Tag!!

Hey guys!

I have a bit of a different kind of post for you all today...
The Downtime nominated me for The Liebster Award Challenge in one of her blog posts this past Saturday...

This challenge is, most-simply put, an About Me Q&A including 11 questions provided by the blogger that nominates you. I looked into the Liebster Award Challenge online before answering my questions so that I had a bit more of an idea of what I was going to be posting about. It seems that the idea of the post is a way to help fellow new bloggers become discovered by new readers and to do it in a way where readers, and writers alike, can learn more about you. (Not sure where the number 11 came into all of this, but I like it.)
I LOVE this idea! And I am happy to be a part of it! Thanks so much, TheDowntime for nominating me!

Here we go!!

The rules: 

1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you

2) Answer the 11 questions given to you from the blogger

3) Give 11 random facts about yourself

4) Nominate 11 blogs you think are deserving of the award (les than 200 followers)

5) Let the bloggers know that you have nominated them

6) Give 11 questions for them to answer

7) Display the award photo in your post

My Questions:

1) What was your favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject was definitely Biology/ Human Anatomy. I was never bored in those classes..they always interested me.

2) What is your favorite book?
This is a hard one...I would say at this point my favorite book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I love all of the Harry Potter books for different reasons, but this one would have to be my favorite to read and reread!
Link to my ode to the Harry Potter book series: My Harry Potter Story

3) Who is your celebrity crush?
Well, I have quite a few celebrity crushes...BUT my biggest would probably be Ryan Reynolds. There is just SO much to like about him!

4) What was your first car? Or What is your dream car?
I will answer first car was a 1997 Periwinkle Blue Ford Taurus..My dream car would have to be a 2012+ year Black Subaru Impreza. I absolutely LOVE Subarus.

5) What is your favorite perfume?
Currently my favorite perfume is also my everyday perfume: Giorgio Armani - Acuqa di Gioia.. I am really starting to like Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream as well..

6) What do you order from Starbucks?
I rarely go to Starbucks but when I do, I get a tall Caramel Machiato..YUM!

7) Who is your favorite YouTuber to watch?
I have a few favorites. but I think my all time favorite would be Tati or GlamLifeGuru..She posts makeup/skincare/hair videos every day and each and every of her videos are super enjoyable and informative. She posts tutorials, tips, hauls, reviews, and tons more- check her out!

8) Where was your first kiss?
Although I try to forget was in 7th grade behind my old elementary school at a picnic was less than memorable.

9) Do you have any siblings?
I have 2, much younger, half brothers. Hamude and Omar :)

10) When did you meet your best friend?
We met in 7th grade English class I believe. We became best friends in Freshman year of high school and have been inseparable ever since.

11) What is your favorite candy bar?
Pretty much any chocolate bar that is thrown my way! ;) Preferably Twix Bars or Hershey's Cookies and Creme Bars

My Random Facts!: 

1) I want to be a high school Biology teacher
2) I am 4'11" tall 
3) I am 50% Syrian (Dad is from Syria)
4) I was born on Christmas Day!
5) I hate Ketchup
6) I can crochet (similar to knitting but with only one needle)
7) I saw Josh Duhamel in The Hard Rock Cafe in New York when I was 20 years old. (super tall and super cute!!)
8) Jasmine is my favorite Disney character
9) I play Clash of Clans on my phone way too often
10) I sleep with 4 pillows in my bed (when I'm not sleeping with Greg and Maxxie) 
11) I collect MAC limited edition lipsticks

My Nominations!:

My Questions for you!:

1. Why did you start your blog?
2. What is your favorite donut to order at Dunkin' Donuts?
3. What is your favorite Disney movie?
4. When you get a manicure, what color do you usually gravitate towards?
5. What one piece of clothing or shoe can you not live with out?
6. Do you have any pets?
7. If you had to chose one store to shop for makeup would it be Ulta or Sephora?
8. What place do you want to travel to that you have not been before?
9. For take-out dinner..would you rather have Chinese Food or Pizza?
10. What brand of Mascara do you use?
11. What color clothing do you think makes you look and feel the best?

I really enjoyed doing this..It is fun to think about random things about yourself sometimes..stuff you don't normally think about.
Have fun with it! I look forward to seeing your answers :) :)
Have a great week everyone!

xo Dane

**Side note
We were able to briefly dress Maxxie up as a basketball player for Halloween 
before he tried to chew himself out of it.. hehehe :))