Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Halloween Costume Idea // A Minion!!

I am usually the kind of person that figures out what they want to be about a week before Halloween, but this year was the first one in a while that I had my idea almost a month in advance. (Go me!)

I, my friends, am going to be a Minion! :) Yes, one of the little, cute, yellow, alien-ish thingies from Despicable Me!

I knew that I wanted to veer more toward the "cute" region of costumes this year, as opposed to the "hot/sexy" costumes. I am not overly thrilled with my body at the moment, so I was not about to go and be my dream costume of Jasmine from Aladdin. (maybe next year I will be belly-shirt ready-we shall see)

That being said, I am not upset with my choice to be a Minion AT ALL. I am super excited to be something comfortable, warm, and cute on a night that usually consists of me being freezing wearing a too-tight outfit and too-high heels.. I'm just not about that life this year.

I might also add, that I really have never been anything too sexy, if you will, for Halloween. (I just have never wanted to wear lingerie in front of many people on a fairly cold October night.) Here are 2 Halloween costumes that I have chosen in recent years. None of which are too over-the-top-sexy in my opinion. (But we sure do make em look good, if I do say so myself!)

Halloween 2012 - Sylver and I
Dressed as Tom Cruise from Risky Business
and an Army Cadet!
Halloween 2013 - Sylver and I
Dressed as a Vampire and Catwoman!

I think a girl's Halloween costume should make her feel beautiful, empowered, and unique. Halloween is one of the only nights a year that people can truly be whatever and whoever they want to be. So be whatever the heck you wanna be! You can make even the cutest costume look hot if you work it like you know that it is YOU that makes the costume hot - even if you chose to be a minion. ;)

I feel much more creative in general than past recent years.
This year, I found my new-found passion for makeup and makeup application, I have been increasingly crafty, I just came back from a wonderful and amazing trip to Disney World, and I am trying to watch my money spending. I compiled all of those things, and landed on the idea of dressing as A MINION! Who doesn't love these crazy little cuties from Despicable Me? They are SO fun, SO cute, and absolutely hilarious.

First item I needed to purchase for the costume were short denim overalls. I looked EVERYWHERE in the mall for a pair of these, and I finally found them at Hollister on one of their clearance tables. They were $24.99. (Not too bad for Hollister, and I can wear them again next summer if I figure out a cute enough outfit- WIN) I did need to alter the overalls a bit, as the straps just WOULD NOT match up no matter what I tried. I ended up sewing some minion-inspired, black buttons onto the front of them, and cut little button holes into the straps. Easy peasy and they were done!

These are the overalls before I altered them - Hollister

I found a bright yellow long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of bright yellow leggings on Amazon.
(Shirt- $7.95 Leggings- $5.99)

And I found my Minion Hat (goggles already sewn in and everything!) ($7.99) at Target in the Boy's Department with the Winter gloves and hats. The last thing I needed was the "Gru" "G" ($5.00), and for shoes, I plan to wear my old-reliable, Steve Madden, black, lace-up combat boots.

I played around with my makeup the other day to find my initial idea that I wanted to follow for eye makeup for my costume and I landed on this little look! (This is just my eye makeup.. I will also have a fun, full face of makeup and a perfect lipstick to pair it all with for the part. :) )
L'Oreal Infallible Shadow in Midnight Blue with
NYX STFU in and above the crease
(Sorry it's blurry)
Now, I do realize that I could have bought a Minion costume on Amazon or something for about the same amount that I spent on everything, but that would have made me feel A LOT less creative than all this made me feel. I had fun getting it all together, and I am ready for our first Halloween party this Saturday!

I will be sure to post some official photos of my costume in it's entirety after the party on Saturday.. :)

 Links to Costume Pieces
 Overalls // Hollister
Combat Boots // Nordstrom
Yellow Shirt // Amazon
Yellow Leggings // Amazon
Minion Hat // Amazon (not available at Target anymore)
Gru "G" // Amazon

Thanks, guys!
Hope you enjoyed!
And if you are planning on doing anything Halloweeny this weekend, have fun and be safe!!!
xo Dane
**Side Note // this is the cutest, most funny thing..
enjoy the small child being the best minion ever!!  ("I'm okayyyy!)


  1. Super cute idea! You will have to do a post after you wear it so we can see how it came out!
    Happy (almost) halloween!
    Xo Amanda | Sans Scrubs

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I sure will be posting a photo or two in the next few days!


  2. A minion is such a cute costume idea!

    Made in Mauve