Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Look of the Day / MAC Rocky Horror Lipstick Review

Well, Happy Monday everybody!! (Did you get my intense sarcasm there? No? Darn, I was really going for it.) Anywhooo.. I do hope everyone had a nice Monday. It is Monday night now for me.

I had a great weekend..aside from being sick, that is. Relaxed a bunch with my man and my doggie, my Giants won, annnnd I ate a lot of tasty food! Hope your weekend was superb as well!

Wanted to share, with you, my look of the day...
Wore a navy blue/black 3/4 sleeve shirt and paired it with a navy blue smokey eye and a red lip! :)

This look was different for me, I almost always use a light, matte brown or gray toned color in the crease, never a color. I slept at Greg's house all weekend so I only had some of my makeup, so sometimes I find I do my most unique looks when I am at Greg's house.

After I shower in the morning, I go into the spare room where all of my stuff is strewn everywhere, put some PJs back on, and set myself up at Greg's dining room table- yes, the dining room table.

See, Greg has this huge mirror in his dining room that is at the perfect height for me to stand and do my makeup and I work best when the mirror is very close in front of my face. I am sure this is mostly due to the fact that I am pretty heavily nearsighted, but I also just feel most comfortable applying makeup when I am like 8 inches from the mirror. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

So I spread all of makeup on a place mat at the table and get to work. I bring the bare minimum when I go to Greg's house so as to not pack unnecessarily when I stay there. (Now to me the bare minimum is probably more than the average girl, but maybe I can do a separate post for that.. ;) )

One eye shadow palate that I almost always bring with me is the It Cosmetic's Naturally Pretty palate. This palate comes with 14 matte, beautifully pigmented, shadows, and one shimmery, champagne shadow. I personally, only use the matte shadows, I am not a huge fan of the shimmery one (Transforming Pearl is the name of that one)

I used Sheer Joy and Midnight in this look - Palate is available at

For this look, I ventured away from my normal cool toned browns and grays in the palate, and went to one of the darkest shades in the palate, Midnight.
This is an amazing Navy blue. It is SUPER pigmented, and blends so well when used with a light hand and a great blending brush. I worked this color (very lightly) into the crease until I was comfortable, then I used the color Sheer Joy all over the lid. I feel this pinky-toned, white shade really made my eyes pop and complimented the darker color in the crease. I blended more with Midnight until I was fully satisfied and I finished by smoking out my lower lash line with my tried and true Rimmel Scandalize Eye Pencil in brown. Little bit of foundation, blush, and mascara and I was good to go.

Intentional Fish Face
Now for the lips...

I, my friends, am a lipstick hoarder....and not just any lipstick... MAC lipstick. Yes, I am one of those.. and I LOVE it. I specifically, and religiously, collect limited edition MAC lipsticks. (That will definitely be another blog post) I recently ordered from a brand new, limited edition collection from MAC: The Rocky Horror Collection! Now, the movie itself freaked me the heck out...I don't even think I really enjoyed it. (I liked the Glee episode more..) BUT, this lipstick on the other hand is my cup of tea. There were 4 different colors to chose from in the collection, and I went with one of the red shades: Strange Journey.

Strange Journey is an Orange-toned, matte red shade. I really like the matte lipsticks from MAC so I did have high hopes for this one. The packaging is not the normal, satin-finished tube you are used to seeing with a MAC lipstick. This one is the same black color, but it has a shiny, glossy finish with the famous Rocky Horror lips on the front.

A quick swatch of Strange Journey
Strange Journey has a Matte finish

Packaging does not disappoint!

The Famous Lips!
Tim Curry!

I really do love the color, it glided on really nicely, and I felt like it really complimented my eyes shadow look well. I was a bit worried since I did a darker smokey eye than usual, but I think because I used the white shadow on the lid, it balanced everything out.

I adore the packaging of this lipstick as well. My favorite thing about the limited edition MAC lipsticks is that they usually make special packaging for each collection. Some changes may be more obvious than others in different collections, but I get flipping excited about anything that is new at MAC. My only semi-negative thing I would say about this lipstick would be the scent/taste of it. I cant quite put my finger on it, but when I put it on my lips today, I felt like it tasted distinctly like something other than how MAC lipstick usually tastes. Perhaps it comes off a bit more artificial than some of the other shades I have. However, I do not buy a lipstick for its taste or smell.. I buy it for it color payoff (and awesome packaging), and for that, this lipstick DID NOT disappoint.

I am sorry to say that all 4 of the lipsticks from this collection sold out on the MAC website about 24 hours after it was released...BUT I know for a fact that you would be able to find any of the 4 new shades through eBay. They will be more expensive than if bought when the collection was first released, but if you collect or if you really love the shade, it is 100% worth it in my opinion.

I, for one, have purchased quite a few limited edition babies off of eBay, and I have not been disappointed once. (just make sure you are buying them New and not Used! EWWWW!!)

Thanks for reading guys!! Off to bed for me.

Sleep tight! Don't let them bed buggies bite!
xo Dane

Side note: Maxxie enjoyed having mommy home-sick this weekend, I think...
I ended up being the perfect-sized bed for nap time!


  1. Okay can you teach me how to wear bright red lips?! Or any lipstick at all for that matter. I always feel like I look ridiculous when I wear it but I love this!!!

    1. Thanks, girl!! Most days I rock a simple nude lip with a nude gloss over top of it, but on days where I do a more toned down eye look, I love to attempt it with a bright lip.
      It does take some getting used to though! I am sure you don't look ridiculous, but because you are not used to seeing it on yourself, you naturally get a bit self-conscious. It took me time to feel comfortable wearing a color like that one around the office..I started with lighter pinks and worked my way up lol
      You have a great skin tone to work with a red lipstick. I could even see a plum-toned lip on you as well. Fall is a PERFECT time to experiment too! This season is all about statement lip-colors. Try it out gradually. I think you will like it :)