Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Weekend- Who, What, Where!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a fun, safe, Halloween weekend!
Sorry it took me so darn long to get this post up. Been super busy with work stuff for the past 2 days.
Here we go with my Halloween themed Weekend-Who, What, Where!!

So, Halloween is this Friday, but I figure a lot of people had their Halloween parties this past weekend as opposed to this coming.. (I mean aside from actual Halloween Friday Night.)
It has always seemed weird to me to dress up for Halloween after October 31st..like once November 1st hits, its time to prepare for Thanksgiving for me! (Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays of them all.)

So, this year, as you might know from my previous post...I dressed up as a Minion from Despicable Me. I wanted to show you guys how it all turned out in this "Weekend" post.. I really love how it turned out..it was super comfortable, I felt super cute, and it was a hit at the party (and on Facebook where I posted about 5 photos-lol)



Products Used:

Single Eyeshadow in "STFU" // NYX
Infallible Eye Shadow in "Timeless Blue Spark" // L'Oreal
Eye Studio Gel Liner in "Blackest Black" // Maybelline
i-ENVY lashes in "Au Naturale" // Kiss  (got these in my most recent Ipsy bag.. Thanks Ipsy!!)

Macaron Lippie in "Citron"  // NYX 


Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party Time! Excellent!!
(Party on Garth. Party on Wayne!)

(He made a GREAT Garth!)

An interesting pair to say the least!


Daisy Dukes, Rosie the Riveter, and a Minion!
Ashley, Me, and Sylver 


Greg and I took a bus trip to Metlife Stadium on Sunday to see the New York Jets play the Buffalo Bills. Now as you might know, I am a Giant's fan, not a Jets' fan, BUT both teams share the same home field. (They are sometimes even referred to as "brothers" since they share the same "home") So I had no problem taking full advantage of the discounted game tickets that included breakfast, transportation, and tailgate food.

Unfortunately, the Jets' lost TERRIBLY to the Bills, but it was still so fun to be there. Greg had never been to the stadium before, and I had only been there once but not with him, so it was super fun to experience it all together. He LOVED it!
(It sure woulda been a bit more enjoyable if the stadium was decorated in Giants' Blue, instead of the Jets' Green, but we will get to a Giants' game sometime soon :) )

Halloween themed Metlife Sign! 

Rocked my Giants' Sweater at the game!
Greg LOVED the stadium!

Our seats were SUPER high up, but we still were able to see a
great deal of the happenings on the field

I am planning on getting my MAC lipstick collection post up on Thursday or Friday of this week..Keep an eye out for it! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post, and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween week!!

xo Dane 

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