Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Friday!! and what I have been working on for you guys...

Hello all!~

Happy Friday!! So the Giants won last night, my Bangerang Fantasy team got off to a GREAT start for this week, I have an anniversary luncheon today with others in my company celebrating a milestone anniversary, and tonight I am planning to go out and get some margaritas with my man and some friends!; needless to say, I am pumped for today!! (I am also quite tired, but that's OK!)

I wanted to let you guys know what I have been working on for the past few days..My very first makeup blog entry :) :) I am calling it, "The Comfort Zone Palate Challenge"

Photo of the Comfort Zone Palate
So I was rummaging through my makeup collection, as I do probably too often than I should, on Tuesday night, and I came across one of the first eye shadow palates I ever purchased: the Wet N' Wild - Comfort Zone eye shadow palate.

This palate consists of 8, earthy toned, highly pigmented, fairly shimmery shades of shadow, all for only $4.99 at your local CVS.
One of the first YouTube makeup videos I watched was a Glam Life Guru video, where Tati was talking specifically about great drugstore makeup. She kept going on about how great and how ultra pigmented the Wet N Wild eye shadows were now that they had changed their formula. She specifically mentioned the Comfort Zone palate and the Petal Pusher palate (Both the 8 shadow palates that Wet N Wild offer as a permanent collection.) I went out, that same week, to find the palates and I brought both home and had a swatchtastic time! Literally each of the 16 colors I swatched were so beautiful and I could tell would compliment my eye color. (I have on-the-green-side-of hazel eyes)

Soon after I purchased the Wet N Wild palates, I began purchasing other shadows, lots of other shadows. Because of that, unfortunately, the palates kind of sat by the way side and I did not used them too much. I occasionally break the Comfort Zone open to use the green all over the lid, but for the most part, I really have not experimented with it.
Well, just for fun, I got to swatching each of the shadows again this past Tuesday, and I said to myself that I could use this palate every day of the week if I wanted to. I literally was thinking up looks to do for each day just by seeing the colors on the back of my hand.

That is how this challenge came to be. I have done 3 looks so far, and plan to do the other 2 over the weekend. (one for every day of the work week) I will post photos with swatches of each of the colors and photos of the brushes I used I used to create each look throughout the week.
I am really excited about this one! Look out for the official post this Sunday night :)

For now, I will leave you with this:

Too true, your E-cards, too true...

Have a wonderful weekend my dears! Be safe and have tons of beautiful-weather-filled fun!

xo Dana

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